In the city of Bengaluru, the families and leaders of Bubbles Centre and Pragati joined together to empower families to engage powerful, inclusive, person centered tools to help imagine and move towards positive and possible futures for the students and young adults they serve. Within their method, a group of families joined hands to learn to facilitate the PATH process as well as Personal Futures Planning. Over 20 such processes have been led by parent facilitators to work towards full futures for 20 individual children and adults, ranging in age from 5-35. As a result, young Maaya has gathered with over 20 family members, friends, teachers and neighbors to create an inclusive future. Arvind explored and developed a passion for care and healing of the earth through sustainable farming and water saving techniques, and Aditya sketched his desired future out, leading to his first experience in independent living in his own place. PATH is a wonderful way to create a vision of valued roles, and works so well when laid upon a foundation of Social Role Valorization.