November 17, 2022


Kiran lovely
Across India, advocacy groups, professionals, civil society groups, NGOs, and government are working in many different ways toward dignified and full lives for people with disabilities. Although the ways of moving forward may differ, most share this goal. What would it look like if the fullness of life were to be measured? Many indexes have...
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Jimni ji
Valued roles are the vehicles to the good things of life. They are not static, but are ever evolving, growing, and changing. This applies not just to people with disabilities, but also to the whole community at large.
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Step by Step
The changes we want to see as people with disability take their rightful place in the world is often made in small but potent increments. Flashy change is impressive, but faithful, small steps toward better lives and more possibilities may win the future.
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Road Back Home
People with disabilities often lead lives that are congregated and segregated. Relegated to the margins of society, they are locked up in spaces that sometimes do not even see what most of us take for granted.
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