Good for nothing

By Dr. Ranu Uniyal, poet, author, professor, and mother

Editor’s note: Dr. Uniyal writes with brutal truth of the impact of societal rejections and the wounding assumptions made by many people about people with developmental disability.

Good for nothing
Is how they look at you
You jabber endlessly

Try to get close
Hold hands, smile, chat

Always friendly
But they withdraw
From what you stand for.

You know this is not right
You know you are different

You know they laugh not just behind
But also, in front of you.
You have an essence

They cannot be
Yours is a heart they cannot reach.

I tell them to watch out.
True friendship they will cherish
Only in betrayal.

Of love they will not know
Till they are old and dying.

I tell them to watch out.
There is love in abundance
In one who is good for nothing.

Ranu Uniyal