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Keystone Human Services (KHS) is a non-profit organization that is a part of a global movement to provide support and expertise to people with disabilities.

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Jumping in Light
The Conservatism Corollary to Social Role Valorization states: The more vulnerable a person is the greater the need for positive compensation—even “bending over backwards”—to balance the vulnerability or devaluation and prevent additional wounds. The potential for positive impact is also higher.
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Beyond choir photo1
Dr. Rita James and Dr. Neelam Sodhi believe that working toward equity and justice for people with disability in India must extend beyond family members and professionals in the field. Each of them work within organizations to make change, and Asha Kiran School in Bengaluru as well as Ashirwad in Ludhiana are fine examples of...
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A Jhalak shared by Maria Santamaria, Founder & CEO, Diya Foundation, Bengaluru
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Valued Roles Matter
The famous singer Bob Marley once said, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”
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