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Keystone Human Services (KHS) is a non-profit organization that is a part of a global movement to provide support and expertise to people with disabilities.

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A young man uses a post hole digger to drill a hole at the edge of a clearing.
Helping people, especially young people, find their place in this world is affirming work. For many people, including people with disabilities, finding out what is “a fit” requires having lots of experiences, stretching a bit, and experimentation to see what brings out the best in us. Mohammed has always stood out to his family and...
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Two men work in a field harvesting plants. One man crouches down to pick the plants while the other stand in the dirt in a newly harvested area.
Mr. Arvind Sekar is the sort of person who reveals himself only over time. About a year ago, his circle of support – a group of people who care about Arvind and his future, spent some time helping him to think about what the future might hold for him. After holding down a number of...
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Family Focus
Efforts to help people with disability to fully contribute their gifts, as well as to lead full, expansive lives requires more than hoping, wishing, and half-hearted efforts. In fact, much of the work of elevating the status of marginalized people goes against the grain of societal devaluation, and so it stands to reason that many...
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My Post (26)
Across India, small, community-based supportive services for people with developmental disability are rising out the imaginations of families and activists. These days, such sorts of services are often fueled by the desire to create human-scale alternatives to large institutional settings.
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Aratrik is a nineteen plus—almost twenty—young man. If you took a peek at his official records, including his government disability certificate, it would tell the story of a young man with significant and even so-called ‘catastrophic’ disability.
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