Transformation in the Lives of People with Disability


Transformation in Life-Glimpse 3
In the city of Bengaluru, the families and leaders of Bubbles Centre and Pragati joined together to empower families to engage powerful, inclusive, person centered tools to help imagine and move towards positive and possible futures for the students and young adults they serve. Within their method, a group of families joined hands to learn...
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Transformation-in-Life-Glimpse-2-Rosy-Bhawna-Possessions (Canva-edited)
Photo by Sujata Khanna Photography. When Bhawna and Rosy left the shelter home, they owned nothing – not a stitch of clothing, a photograph, or a memento to tell their story, to hold their history, and ground them. Those who assisted these young women to leave that shelter home in the north of India and...
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Tranformation in Life- Glimpse 1-Banerjee
Mr. Shrutarshi Banerjee lives in Kolkata, and if you are lucky enough to meet him, he will be introduced an entrepreneur, a manager, and a business partner. His life has changed so much from the days of pre-vocational class engagement that were not leading toward employment or other valued roles.
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